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9788170356981Agronomy: Facts and Approaches (PB)PBDas, P & Ashis KumarRs 495.002019
9789351247395Introduction to Intellectual Property RightsHBSingh, PhundanRs 895.002016
9789351247593Principles of Biometrical GeneticsHBKute, Nandakumar & GRs 1295.002016
9789351247449Soil Fertillity Fertillizers and Agrochemicals (PB)PBJaga, Praveen Kumar Rs 350.002016
9789351246831Textbook of Basic Mathematics for Forestry, Horticulture & Agriculture Courses (PB)PBSheel, S KRs 295.002015
9788170357926Textbook of Home Science Extension EducationHBAhlawat, Santosh, SeRs 1195.002013
9789351249320Textbook on Fundamentals and Applications of Nanotechnology (PB)PBSubramanian, K S, K Rs 395.002018
9789351243236Textbook on Integrated Pest Management of Horticultural CropsHBEmmanuel, N et. al.Rs 2195.002018
9789351247234Vegetables Production TechnologyHBHaldavanekar, PradeeRs 2595.002016
9789351241881Vegetables Production TechnologyEBParag Haldankar, PraRs 14785.002017