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9788170354307Economics in Commercial FisheriesHBBiswas, K PRs 1995.002017
9788170352501Fisheries Bioeconomics: Theory Modeling and ManagementHBDefeo, D,J C Seijo &Rs 895.002016
9788170358176Ornamental Aquaculture: Technology and Trade in IndiaHBFelix, S, T V Anna MRs 1600.002013
9788170352815Pond Fish Ecology and EconomicsHBKhanna, D R & S SingRs 495.002016
9788170351788Production and Marketing Management of Marine Fisheries in IndiaHBSathiadhas, RRs 1195.002017
9788170351269Role of Fisheries in Rural DevelopmentHBGiriappa, SomuRs 895.002015
9788170353027Sustainability and Management of Aquaculture and FisheriesHBKumar, Har DarshanRs 2295.002016